Crafts for Storytellers
I was born in Italy in 1985.
 My educational and career paths start in the artistic context of Florence where I studied Art and Design. Later I moved to Milan to explore the world of Product Design, studying at Politecnico, where I had a teaching experience after an annual Master. I made experience and collaboration with Design Studios including the japanese Isao Hosoe. I always cultivated skills and passion to create manually and for this reason I also approached Stage and Costume Design, and the art of Textiles. I learned the importance to know the production phase of any industrial, crafts or artistic object starting from the first concept, to be able to direct the technique towards a form of free expression. In 2012 I started a series of works that explore the identity of the human being through portraits behind masks. I made paper masks, others composed by natural elements, others with doilies, always exploring new techniques and materials. I made masks also for Harper Bazaar Magazines USA and costumes for several music videoclips. My projects were exposed also in London at The Book Club and in Milan at PAC, Palazzo Isimbardi, Palazzo delle Stelline and in Moscow at Gridchinhall Art Gallery, Saratov and Wroclaw . I believe that the creative works are a combination of multidisciplinary experiences which follow the imagination, and my imagination is directly connected with my hands! All my projects and collaborations have their own context and a message to send, I like to say that I create handmade items for those who have something to tell.
   I currently work between Italy and Iceland, since 2016, as costumes, props and sets designer.